How does a brand get where it's going?

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By putting every cleat in the perfect position.

Athletes know that moving quickly takes the right equipment. If a cleat is missing, they’re off balance. If one is loose, they’ll be too slow. If they’re not right for the elements, they’ll slip and lose traction. Every cleat must be arranged in precisely the right spot for success. Team 84, a full-service marketing and advertising agency sees it the same way. Our unique model lets us assemble a custom team of experts that allows our clients to make the right moves. Each client gets decades of category and industry experience, in the six critical positions. Marketing. Strategy. Creative. Production. Measurement. Operations. This highly collaborative and disciplined approach aggregates diverse perspectives to uncover deeper insights that produce greater opportunities for success.
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Every project starts with our 360-degree analysis of your business and your market. We dig deep into the industry, the category, the competition, the audience, the trends and more to uncover opportunities.
With the input from the marketing phase, strategy defines the problem, identifies a customer insight and sets up the creative platform for success.
The home of ideas. Concept development comes first. From those initial sparks, ideas are dreamed up. Multiple ways to bring the strategy to life are explored through executions and tactics in a variety of different media channels.
Our production philosophy is to get the most out of every dollar being spent. When we are shooting, creating, or capturing material, we always look to capture additional assets while the production team is engaged. This allows us to be more efficient with production dollars and develop an asset library for future use.
A key component of what we do. We help set objectives before the work goes into market and then we measure against them and optimize while the campaign is in market. This way, we’re understanding how well the work is performing while measuring efficiency of spend.
Success depends on a coordinated, well-managed plan. Our operations department oversees the entire project from start to finish in order to enable creative development, manages client inputs and reviews, oversees production timing and budgets, as well as fulfilling materials to media channels. This high level overview makes sure everyone knows what’s happening when, and makes sure budgets are under control and milestones are being met.

Our team of pros is ready for action.

Team 84 was born out of one simple philosophy: no matter how much individual talent there is, the greatest success comes when the team works together. With an NFL Record Holder as our principal, we know first-hand the value of teamwork. We’re committed to each other and to the mission of planning and executing a coordinated effort for all of our clients. The right people, in the right place, at the right moment. All working together to drive success for your brand.
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We have many different ways to draw up success.

If you need internal alignment of your organization, brand building, reputation enhancement, product line organization, more traffic, more customer engagement, more sales, more loyalty, more repeat purchases, we can do it. In addition, we can help optimize your budget, maximize your results, create a content plan, raise your Net Promoter Score, or create an entire marketing campaign.
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We're ready to take on the biggest challenges.

Our team has experience working with some of the largest, most respected brands in the world.